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northern soul

One of the most frequently asked questions is 'what is Northern Soul?' Let me firstly quote you this "Northern Soul is a term that was originally coined to describe 'rare soul of the type enjoyed in the North of England' - From 'Soul Survivors' book by Russ Winstanley & David Nowell, that explanation is very true but it the music also had to be danceable. The records had to be up-tempo 100 mph in order to get people dancing!

The name Northern Soul was attributed to Blues & Soul writer Dave Godin who in an article for the magazine in the early 70's claimed that the soul music that the kids in the North of England were dancing to was different to soul music elsewhere in the country, it was he said 'a form of northern soul music' & the scenes name was born!

In the early days of the scene Northern Soul was very much a part of the youth culture of the day, a youth movement in many ways. Northern Soul was a way of losing some of the weekly stresses of low paid work, for a few hours each week at an all nighter you could forget everything and just enjoy yourself out on the dancefloor! Northern Soul music was your release.

Considered a bit of a 'passing fad' of the time during the early 70's the Northern Soul scene has lasted over 35 years and today in the 21st Century Northern Soul is currently going through one if its most popular phases in Northern Souls history, with massively popular all nighters in London, Manchester, Stoke On Trent and many more. Weekenders in Prestatyn, Fleetwood Nr Blackpool, & Skegness that are attracting many of the legends of Northern Soul to appear live all add to the thriving scene.


Do I Love You – Frank Wilson

(A record with tons of folklore with it. Unissued on Motown originally, it has changed hands for £15000. One of the most valuable pieces of vinyl in the world)

Wrong Side Of Town – Four Vandals

(Intrigue, Confrontation and sung by Steve Brookstein, this mid 1980’s record is said to be the most talked about northern soul record ever)

Put Your Loving Arms Around Me – The Sherry’s

(Russ Winstanley’s first ever record played on the opening night at Wigan Casino)

Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me – The Tams

(On its re-release in 1971, this was to be the first northern soul record to top the pop charts)

Long After Tonight Is All Over – Jimmy Ratcliffe

(1ST part of Wigan’s famous ‘3 Before Eight’ which were the last three records played at the end of every all nighter)

Time Will Pass You By – Tobi Legend

(2ND part of Wigan’s famous ‘3 Before Eight’ which were the last three records played at the end of every all nighter)

I’m On My Way – Dean Parrish

(3RD part of Wigan’s famous ‘3 Before Eight’ which were the last three records played at the end of every all nighter)

It’ll Never Be Over For Me – Timi Yuro

(Perfect wording, perfect tempo and a perfect anthem for those on today’s scene)

It Really Hurts Me Girl – The Carstairs

(Discovered by Ian Levine this was one of the first mega tracks from Blackpool Mecca)

Guess Who Loves You (Shrine) - Eddie Daye and the Four Bars

(a belter of a record from the rarest Northern Soul label, Shrine, it is rare, it is valuable and it is a dancer, all a northern soul record should be)

That Beatin’ Rhythm – Richard Temple

(Big dance anthem from the very early days, on the ultimate Northern Soul label Mirwood)

Love Love Love – Bobby Hebb

(For me first came across this record at The Torch in Stoke On Trent, but was soon established as a monster play on the scene)

Out On The Floor – Dobie Gray

(this record does not need to many introductions, possibly the most instantly recognisable northern soul record ever)

Tainted Love – Gloria Jones

(An absolute anthem from Wigan Casino one of the records that made the place what it was. Long before Soft Cell ruined it, Wigan raved)

Turning My Heartbeat Up – The MVP’s

(the theme tune to the ITV documentary This England, about Wigan Casino, 100mph beat that was perfect for the then youth culture on the northern soul scene)

What – Judy Street

(Another track that found fame at Wigan Casino but then became in-demand after being used throughout the ITV documentary This England, about Wigan Casino)

You Didn’t Say A Word – Yvonne Baker

(recently voted the top northern soul record of all time on an internet web site, often described as the James Bond record due to its similarity to parts of 007’s theme)

Love Is A Serious Business – Alfie Davison

(came to life during the 80’s at places like Stafford to establish a new breed of northern soul, different to the sounds that had been played at Wigan Casino the decade earlier)

If I Could Only Be Sure – Nolan Porter

(Soon emerged as one of the big tracks that got established during the 90’s a dancefloor favourite then and now)

I’m Your Pimp – The Skull Snaps

(Not what you would expect a Northern Soul record to sound like but a track from the 70’s that helped to establish Cleethorpes Pier allnighters)

I’ll Never Stop Loving You – Carla Thomas

(For me one of the best discoveries of recent times, and one of my all times favourites, a stunning Stax unissued track discovered in the 90’s by Ady Croasdell)

There’s A Ghost In My House – R Dean Taylor

(A Motown record that did the business on the Northern Soul dancefloors all over the country at one time in the mid 70’s the original was selling at silly money, but became a chart hit when Motown re-released it)

She’ll Come Running Back – Mel Britt

(Super rare record, with a mid paced tempo, came into its own as one of the discoveries after Wigan closed and bridged the gap for todays scene)

Let Your Heart and Soul Run Free – Tangees

(With so many instantly recognisable records about in the past such as this one, it could so easily be THE Northern Soul anthem)

The Drifter – Ray Pollard

(love, heartbreak and passion, everything that is required in a Northern Soul record)

Lonely For You Baby – Sam Dees

(Found its way into people’s affection via the Stafford allnighter, perfect beat and pace for today’s scene)

Open The Doors To You Heart – Darrell Banks

(Darrell Banks at his very best, this record coming from the early days of the scene and still popular some 35 year later)

Believe It Or Not – Narbay

(A superb rare record discovered after Wigan closed its doors, helping to move the scene forward to where we are today)

A Man Of Value – Tyrone Berkley

(Not an obvious track you would associate with Northern Soul, it started life as a Modern Soul play, now an essential at any Northern Soul nighter)

These Memories – Almeta Latimore

(A slow and soulful record that is one of the current scene’s monster plays, the right rhythm, beat & passion for today)

I’m Gonna Miss You – The Artistics

(Usually played as the last record at a lot of all nighters during the 70’s, is this possibly the best ever end of night record?)

It’s Your Voodoo Working – Charles Sheffield

(Who would have expected this type of record to be a play on the scene it is a classic example of R&B breaking into Northern Soul)

Pressure – Drizabone

(One of the biggest Modern Soul records for a number of years, still packing them on the dancefloors up and down the country)

Catch A Teardrop – 5 Royales

(One of the best recent discovery’s of the past few years and one of the biggest current plays)

Say Something Nice To Me – Bobby Kline

(Another record that found its way into people affections via Stafford Top Of The World allnighters and still a dancefloor favourite today)

Sliced Tomatoes – Just Brothers

(One of the great things about the scene is its liking of instrumentals, which this is this possibly Northern Soul’s ultimate)

Are You Ready For This – The Brothers

(Mid 70’s disco soul track that has been massive for a couple of years now)

Cheatin’ Kind – Don Gardner

(mega rare record that will set you back a few thousand pounds to buy, it has all the right elements in the record making it perfect for today’s scene)

Wake Up To The Sunshine Girl – Joey Delorenzo

(one of the biggest records around at the moment, and a fairly recent discovery it is guaranteed floorfiller all over the county)

You’ve Been Gone To Long – Ann Sexton

(Blackpool Mecca favourite still getting dancefloors filled today)


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